Electronic Medical Records Services

As a medical professional who deals with clients day in and day out, you know firsthand how difficult it can be to manage, track and organize patient data for thousands of people when you’re stuck with paper-based charts.

Paper charts can be hard to read, they fade with time, they take up a ton of storage space, and finding information quickly can be a struggle. That’s why we at Infocron Systems want to help you embrace the digital age by switching to Electronic Medical Records Services.

We are a practitioner-focused service provider aimed at being the reliable partner you need to stay ahead of patient needs, billing, and management processes. And not only do we offer superior EMR services than other companies, we also provide you with:

  • Medical Chart Scanning
  • Transferring to EMR
  • Physical Chart Storage
  • And more!

This is an opportunity to revamp your organization, streamline your services, and save time, money and effort. If you’re interested in learning how we can help your practice, contact us today and we’ll happily schedule you a free consultation.

Here's what we have to offer:

  • Medical Chart Transfer

    Medical Chart Transfer

    Professional collecting, packing and transfer of your medical charts into our document scanning facility or fully monitored document storage. Read more+ We bring our own packing materials and professionally label the boxes for faster retrieval.

  • Off-site Medical Record Storage

    Off-site Medical Record Storage

    Short-term and long-term document storage in a fully secure facility with on-demand retrieval. Read more+ You also can retrieve patient files from our storage by putting in a request. Within a day, we can deliver you hard copies or transfer scanned copies via our secure file transfer system or uploaded to your EMR.

  • Medical Chart Scanning

    Medical Chart Scanning

    Our ScanHouse provides a complete line of document scanning services. Read more+ Whether you are switching to paperless, or clearing out inactive patient files, we can digitize all those paper documents with our high-speed scanners in our secure facility. We also index and name your files accordingly.

  • X-Ray Film Scanning

    X-Ray Film Scanning

    We are currently studying the opportunity to scan your X-Ray films. Read more+ Please fill in a short form here

  • Electronic Medical Record System

    Electronic Medical Record System

    Starting Summer 2016, Infocron Systems will be providing Canadian medical practitioners with a complete line of OSCAR EMR services. Open to read more+


    Current status:

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    • Hardware Setup

      Hardware Setup

    • System Setup

      System Setup

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      Stability Check

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  • Secured Destruction of Patient Files

    Secured Destruction of Patient Files

    After files are transfered to EMR or digitally backed up, physical copies can be securelly shredded upon your confirmation Read more+ or as their storage term expired.